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Our school Shree Navchetan Science School was established in June-2007. The School is managed by Shee Sahkar Education and Charitable Trust. The School has day and residential school with high tech campus and all facilities. Main purpose of school is provide quality education.

it has made tremendous strides in the field of education and has helped to build the competence and the commitment of the teachers, developing their insight and drawing strength from their experiences which has helped, in creating a strong bond between the child and the institution. The school actively supports and encourages the professional growth of the faculty and the staff.

Your interest in Navchetan School comes at a point of positive and significant growth in our school. All the facilities and the infrastructure are always open for you, and a tour within the premises will help you learn what makes the school special. The process of growth and constant improvement is never ending at the school.

Our Key Features

Our Achivements

The education initiative emphasizes the all-round development of students. It aims at producing not only good professionals.Teaching at Navchetan is student centered. Teachers creatively prepare the lessons applying it to everyday life, thus ensuring students are enthralled in the class. Students are given every opportunity to learn, explore and discover the hidden and the unnoticed.

Our Culture

We seek it as an opportunity for your child to gain self-confidence and we put our best efforts in realizing it. Under our boarding care, your child not only gains self-belief, but our initiatives encourage team spirit as well.We strive to make a Knowledge Creating Society rather than just a Knowledge Gaining one.Popkorn benefits to learn in a low stressed environment.

Our Security

Security of your child is of utmost importance to us. Believe us when we say that we are extremely active in updating our security measures to offer a completely safe environment to all our students irrelevant of whether they belong to day school or boarding school.

We Care Child

School of Excellence is always focused on providing an assortment on plate without deviating away from balancing a perfect nutrition for your children. We firmly believe that if we can balance variety and moderation, almost any food can fit on the plate.


The school has a profound belief that an all round personality and the grooming of the students, is the core function of the school. It is the learning, with a mix of curricular and co- curricular activities which reaches beyond the classroom teaching processes. To enhance the teaching and learning process, the emphasis is more on the child inspired learning than the child centered learning. Navchetan School is Best Science School in Jamkhambhaliya.

The whole effort is focused and directed, on improving the learning environment in the school and to bridge the disparity gap amongst the students, as the formative years in the school play an important role in shaping one's life and career. The school believes that the healthy growth of the students with a positive approach, positive attitude and intellectually sound minds is more important than the normative approach towards life.

We Mainly Focus On Three Things Given Below:

Quality Education

Quality education enables people to develop all of their attributes and skills to achieve their potential as human beings and members of society

Co-Curricular Activities

A sense of ownership and responsibility for individual thoughts and actions.

Advanced Planning

Teachers who want to become specialized or expand the subject matter they're qualified to teach may pursue an advanced education degree.

Why Our School Is Best

Let's Have A Look At Why We Best And Our Skills

Why It Works

Navchetan School will furnish for its students a world class education, thereby augmenting a process of a holistic learning and development curriculum that will inculcate in its students:

  •  A Global perspective with a social conscience
  •  The desire for identifying, pursuing and fulfilling individual dreams
  •  A sense of ownership and responsibility for individual thoughts and actions.
  •  An awareness of diversity and a sense of appreciation for a multicultural social environment
  •  The need to chalk out goals and implement actions for making significant contributions to the global society.

Why Choose Us

Get the opportunity to learn with expert mentors who have years of experience in mentoring students from schools and colleges around the world. These expert faculties are an integral part of Navchetan School.

At Navchetan School, we teach more than knowledge and information. We also teach the skills, attitudes and positive behaviours that enable students to be successful at school and in life.

Navchetan School uses a thoughtful implementation of educational technology. Our students develop the research and communication skills that enable them to learn anywhere and anytime. We also foster the intellectual curiosity that turns our students into lifelong learners.

Our students learn the basics including numeracy, literacy and study skills. They also learn the creativity, critical thinking and conceptual understandings that are developed by the modern and research-based curriculum.

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Navchetan School uses the best practices available for education such as student-centered learning, questioning, presentation skills and utilizes the attributes of the Learner Profile to create globally responsible citizens.